Some extra Dragonvale tips

I am setting this one first, just because it is vital to so most of the other ideas I Will make. Having buddies in Dragonvale is the best technique for two extremely important things: receiving cash, and getting stone. You are able to obviously, pay *real* cash to get money and jewels, but that is stoopid. Help each other outside, and it is easier to make friends in Dragonvale.

So for instance, you might be able to see with your buddy’s isles if you need. You will receive 3 free bonuses of cash from every buddy once a day, as you level up, as well as the sum you receive increases. Sadly, the present buddy direction of Dragonvale is HORRIBLE, therefore I do not see with each buddy every day. But when you need some cash, it is a good means to score some money that is rather signifiant -if you are prepared to invest time.


You will see quite quickly that each of your isles starts off as quite a unkempt, overgrown woods full of trees, stone, more trees, and much more stone :). Now I understand that it is tempting to funnel all your cash toward leveling dragons and breeding new ones…yet, I am an enormous supporter of clearing your isles of trees and stone quite early on. The greatest reason? Experience points. And the best part is the fact that it just costs you money…no stone needed.

So…how can you get buddies? Using this, I could add over 300 buddies in less than 2 days…which necessarily means a fine load of stone!

Updated: February 19, 2016 — 4:31 pm

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