Levelling like a pro

So, you finally are playing Dragonvale, but you’re stuck on low levels and having trouble levelling up? This guide will help!

When it comes to levelling up, you should always get some friends to help you out. If you have some friends, you will always have gems. And we all know what gems in this game. With just a few extra gems you can easily get a few levels in a very, very short time. The higher level you are, the more money you will get per day. The more money you have, better dragons you will have. If you’re having troubles finding friends in this game, visit Dragonvale Facebook page here:¬†https://www.facebook.com/dragonvale/

In the comments, you will find people that are playing, you can contact them and ask for some gems and you can give them some in return so you both win. Usually, people will help you out, but some won’t. Just move on and ask someone else. There is 7 million people playing this game so you probably won’t have trouble finding someone who will help you out.

Breeding your dragons the right way is important. You will have to calculate how many treats you have and how many dragons you are trying to evolve and level up. Here is a simple chart with some good data that will help you out:


As you can see, the data above is all the calculation: amount, cost, time and food cost per hour. Keep this close when you give treats to your dragons. With all those numbers, you can easily calculate how many treats you need and how much food you will need to keep those dragons happy.

And the last thing you should keep in mind is those goals. Try to reach as many as you can because they will give you cash and experience. There is some small goals, but there are bigger ones that usually take up a lot of time so focus on smaller ones first until you reach the level you want.

Updated: July 29, 2016 — 3:12 pm

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