3 Videos that you should watch to get limited dragons

It’s not a secret, every so often a few dragons will appear and you will be able to get them for only a limited time. There is a few active right now and for a short while so make sure to watch these videos if you would like to get them while you can.


The Wyrmwood Dragon

This one is really rare and I really think you should get him. Here is a detailed video on how to get one your self.

The Molten Dragon

Now this is really something. This dragon is in my top 5 favorite dragons of all time. He will cost you around 750 gems and some time, but believe me, it will be really good once you get him since he is really powerful!

The Porten Dragon

This one looks really cool and it’s cool to have him if you have some extra time and gems to get him. He is also here for only a limited time and you won’t get another chance to get him later on.

Just to make sure, these are not my videos as I don’t make videos that much. This guy has 400 000 subscribers and has more videos about Dragonvale and some other cool games like Pokemon and Dragon City. He has lots of cool video regarding breeding, spending resources and strategies on how to win battles.If you are interested check some of his other videos to learn even more about that!

Updated: November 16, 2016 — 12:36 pm

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