Breeding Times in Dragonvale

Hello people. We hope that all of you are doing great. All of you know that breeding certain dragons can take a lot of time. Breeding the double rainbow will take whole 60 hours! That’s almost 3 days you will have to wait to get it. But then again, when you are first starting to play […]

Levelling like a pro

So, you finally are playing Dragonvale, but you’re stuck on low levels and having trouble levelling up? This guide will help! When it comes to levelling up, you should always get some friends to help you out. If you have some friends, you will always have gems. And we all know what gems in this […]

Breeding all types of Dragons

There is so many tutorials and guides on how to breed all types of dragons in the game, but there is not many videos there. I finally found one after months of looking and there is everything explained in it. This is not your super long and super detailed guide, but it will cover every […]

Getting the most Dragon Cash

You can always use some extra Dragon cash in your account, right? Well, to get more, I’m going to share some secret tips that will provide just that! Build a Dragon Cactus  If you didn’t build it already, you should do it right now. That structure alone will make you a whopping 100,000 an hour! […]

Some extra Dragonvale tips and tricks for you

Dragonvale is about earning money fast. The levels usually do not matter. Dragonvale recommendations on getting upgrades fast. You must breed a fire dragon using a earth dragon. You may put the dragon with the right element into only the habitat with similar element. 400 dragons is really a lot to manage. So breed various kinds of […]

A good Dragonvale guide for beginners

Getting Started There’ll be a training style set for brand new players when you start the DragonVale game. You can follow the tutorial till they tell one to use the procedure to be sped up by Stone. Yes, that is correct. Only allow time previous in order to complete the tutorial or simply put the […]

Some extra Dragonvale tips

I am setting this one first, just because it is vital to so most of the other ideas I Will make. Having buddies in Dragonvale is the best technique for two extremely important things: receiving cash, and getting stone. You are able to obviously, pay *real* cash to get money and jewels, but that is […]

DragonVale cheats 2018

Dragonvale cheats 2016 proof

These DragonVale cheats 2018 are brand new cheats on the market! You should not wait anything else. The best have arrived and it’s up on you to use them proudly! Keep reading below and see how can you start being the best in the game! More about the cheats If you really like playing this […]